Freight Forwarding & Clearing

JOA cargo has a mission to provide our customers with safe and efficient Cargo services around the globe, with security, prompt delivery and customer satisfaction as an area of concentration. We Provide Import/Export services both Local and International.

Ocean Freight Services

Our Team of Experts handles both Import/Export cargo services to and from all countries and continents all over the globe. Our Global partnerships with major carriers give our customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations.

Air Freight Services

Our team has vast experience and will advise you on the documentation requirements necessary to import or export your personal effects via Air to the desired destination. We deliver your cargo straight to you safe and quick

Warehousing & Dispatch

J.O.A. Cargo and Logistics operates warehousing and distribution services in Nigeria, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa serving major manufacturers and retailers all over the world.

Export and Import Processing

We help navigate the latest regulations, minimize your paperwork and lower your cost while providing quality services. You can be confident that our import and export services will get your goods and products where you want them, fast, efficiently and with no stress to you at all.

Haulage Services

Our Team of experts play a vital role in the bulk transport sector, we supply bulk ingridents to food suppliers and raw material to industries. No matter the type of cargo you want delivered we make it a priority to deliver safe and quick.

Custom Broker

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24/7 Quick Support

To provide the best customer support to our valued customers, we offer 24/7 support! You are always welcome to call our offices during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, chat with us or email our customer service support 24/7.

Our Satisfied Clients say

Happy and satisfied customers are much more likely to sing your brand's praises, so we take it a step further to make sure our customers remain satisfied, see what our satisfied customers are saying...

Shadare Abayomi Lagos, Nigeria

" I have been using JOA cargo since 2009 and i can say it has transformed my business positively. Sending and receiving cargo has been so so prompt.

Mr Croswell New York, USA

" Yet again, amazing customer service from JAO cargo and logistics. If you run a small business of Importation and/or Exportation this is the right place to be.

Susan Manila, Philippines

I just make my cakes, package them and send them via JOA Cargo & Logistics to my clients, they keep to promises and save me of worries about delivery irrespective of the destination, to them i say "mahal ko ang iyong kumpanya".

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